Why I’m running for Governor.

I believe that Oregon is at a crossroads; we can continue to be divided by fear and rage, OR we can choose a new path, one that leads to peace and prosperity. The fact is the challenges which Oregon faces are solvable. Sometimes, problems only seem impossible because of our perspective; if we change the way we look at the problem, a solution becomes clear. I will bring that new perspective to the challenges we face.Read more


- End the Ineffective & Unconstitutional Mandates, none of which are laws, that are destroying our economy.
- Remove the Destructive & Unnecessary Regulations that are slowing down job creation.
- End the assault on our medical professionals that is reducing our hospital capacity and harming public safety.
My Roadmap for Reopening Oregon


- Government action has driven inflation and the cost of living up and government action can certainly help bring it back down.
- Stop driving the cost of housing up through massive government spending scams sold as houseless solutions.
- Encourage growth of our economy and jobs not government. When the government grows, costs go up on everything, jobs are lost, and the economy suffers.
Empowering Our Emerging Economy


- Equal Educational Opportunity is the civil right of our generation, and ‘School Choice’ is how we achieve this. We must unite and act on this now!
- Return to local control of schools and actively encourage more parent involvement, not less.
- Teach ‘history’ not ‘theory’ and focus on mastering the basics in preparing our children to succeed in life. More parents in the classroom, more accountability and full transparency is essential to restore trust and improve results in our schools.
We Need Equal Opportunities in Education


- Stop ‘defunding police; and support local law enforcement. Allow our first responders to do their jobs in protecting our communities.
- Remove repeat violent offenders from our streets and hold district attorneys accountable for their abuse of power through lack of prosecuting criminals.
- Self defense is a human right and the right to bear arms is critical to a safe society. Preserve and protect our 2nd amendment and individual rights.
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