Uniquely Qualified

Brandon has an extensive track record building sustainable programs for businesses and organizations in crisis mode. His expertise in building high-performance teams, overseeing budgets, and satisfying strict project timelines earned Brandon the reputation as the “go-to-guy” for solving complex challenges.

As the youngest Elected Delegate to serve Deschutes County and the State of Oregon, Brandon represents the future of Oregon and Oregonians across the state who want their voices heard in Salem. Throughout the pandemic, Brandon has stood up to elected officials who openly disregarded their own rules as a moral failing and betrayal of their oaths of office.

"You cannot be effective leaders when you lose credibility in the community and choose to not take responsibility for your actions," Merritt said. "You can, however, lead by example tonight and acknowledge these mistakes, and you might just be surprised with what you're met with -- love, empathy, compassion and forgiveness."- Bend La Pine School Board Meeting

Brandon has also benefited deeply from great mentorships. One of those mentors was his Grandfather: a man who proved his valor on the battlefield in WWII, earning him a purple heart. His grandfather’s life’s work emphasized the importance of service and philanthropy, a legacy Brandon seeks to continue.

Today, Brandon lives in Bend with his wife Judith and their two daughters. His commitment is motivated by a deep faith in God and belief in the core American values of faith, family, and freedom.

A Leader for People, not Politics (Why am I in this race?)

Brandon believes that Oregon is at a crossroads; we can continue to be divided by fear and rage, OR we can choose a new path, one that leads to peace and prosperity. The fact is, the challenges which Oregon faces are solvable. Sometimes, problems only seem impossible because of our perspective; if we change the way we look at the problem, a solution becomes clear. Brandon can bring that new perspective to the challenges we face.

It would be madness to expect the same politicians who have had a 30-year track record of failure to change now. Oregon needs new ideas and new leadership. While many of these problems have persisted for many years, Oregon’s Democratic leadership’s pandemic response has exacerbated them and brought a new level of urgency.

Brandon wants to bring the same solution-driven attitude that he used to help many Oregon non-profits thrive during the pandemic to solve the challenges this great state faces. Brandon will bring that same level of commitment and problem-solving expertise to lead Oregon on the right path forward. As Brandon often says, “My philosophy is that successes are always ‘We’ and failures are always ‘I’ and my track record demonstrates that WE CAN WIN!”